Holy Fallout

When a friend stops by spontaneously, grabs Hafiz from the library shelf, opens the book at random and discovers the perfect poem to read aloud and encourage: that, my dears, is Holy Fallout! 


When life gives you lemons...

Be grateful for those guests who turn them into delicious jam, and make you a present of it! This luscious blueberry-citron jam was gifted to me tonight by a talented and generous guest. I've already devoured half the jar (local sourdough bread & local blue cheese are perfect accompaniments). Merci, monsieur, merci! 

Sweet Sunday

Full house this weekend. Guests from Cali, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado. Today's fruit course: freshly baked strawberry-blueberry crisp topped with a dollop of Madagascar vanilla creme fraiche and an organic spearmint leaf. Oh, sweet Sunday!


The end of the work week is the beginning of ours. Tonight's fun = peanut butter, dark chocolate chunks and a full house of guests! 

Morning Prom

The graceful curves and deep colors of the Prom were on beautiful display this early morning, before the hot sun burned the fog away. Quiet, still, calm. 

Morning lovelies

The quiet charms of the neighborhood are especially lovely in the early morning. The wide West End streets seem even wider, the air feels soft and is filled with birdsong. On my stroll to the Prom today, these subtle pink beauties and their starry friends made the moment even more special.  

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